• posted on Friday, September 13 ,2019

    posted on Friday, September 13 ,2019


    Opening Reception 9/14, 3pm - 6pm

    Gathering works from the nearly 60 Guest Artists who have shown work at the Duckworth Museum, this festive last exhibit is an explosion of creativity for the museum galleries. Hung salon style, the hope is that this show is a forum to celebrate, commiserate, and reminisce as we move towards the final chapter of the Duckworth Museum’s history. This eclectic exhibit is a display of the enormous talents from which our museum has been able to benefit year in and year out. Thanks so much to all that have contributed their gifts as artists to make this institution the creative force it has come to represent in the last two decades.

    The artists representing this energetic program were chosen by the Selection Committee of our Advisory Group from the rich artistic community around us and beyond. The presence of guest artists helped create new dialogues and has provided stimulating art exhibitions for the Aidron Duckworth Museum community.

    Aidron taught groups of adults throughout the Upper Valley from 1976 until his death in 2001. He is remembered for the high standard of personal artistic integrity he expected from his students and appreciated in other artists’ work. The Guest Artist Program has continually been a reflection of this standard, presenting works that inspire, engage, and enliven the spirit with which Aidron worked.

    We remain a charitable educational museum, and do not offer artworks for sale. Sales of the guest artists’ work may be arranged with each artist. Their information is available at the Museum.

    It should not go without mentioning the enormous contributions of Stephen Marcus who has long been integral to the success of the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum. His roles have been those of advisor, carpenter, patron, and master technician. Stephen has installed every show in the Duckworth galleries with deft attention, balancing both the needs of the artist and those of the space so that each is an absolute complement to the other. Although his name is not displayed on the walls, Stephen’s work has never gone unnoticed. Visitors and artists alike routinely remark on the quality of presentation our museum offers. His humility requires him to demure, shifting attention away from himself towards the art on the walls. Yet Stephen’s generosity, skill, and effort have benefited this museum in ways too numerous to count leaving us with a gratitude that our THANK YOUs can only begin to recognize.

    Can't wait to see you out here!!!

    Ben Finer

    Aidron Duckworth Art Museum
    21 Bean Rd.
    Meriden, NH

  • posted on July 31, 2019

    A triptych of paintings from the Woods Edge series:
    Woods Edge, 3.9.18, Woods Edge, 10.19.18, Woods Edge, 3.21.18
    were selected by juror Katherine French for inclusion in
    New England Collective X
    Galatea Fine Art
    460 B Harrison Ave.
    Boston, MA

    July 31 - September 1, 2019

    First Friday Reception: August 2, 6-8 pm.
    Walk-Through with Katherine French: Aug 2, 4pm

  • Posted on April 20

    Posted on April 20

    Woods Edge was chosen by co-curators Sharon Butler and Stephanie Theodore for inclusion in 'Spirit of the Void'

    The show will include work by artists born in 1959, including Markus Baenziger, Sharon Butler, Elisabeth Condon, Dionisio Cortes, Catherine Howe, Dion Kliner, Robert Lansden, Xanda McCagg, Joseph Salerno, Mary Schiliro, Jane Swavely and Amy Yoes.

    DUMBO Open Studios
    Two Coats HQ
    55 Washington Street, #454
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Saturday and Sunday, April 27 & 28, 1-6pm

    On Saturday from 4-7 pm, there will be a little reception with a big disgusting birthday sheet cake, because, you know, 60.

  • posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019

    Recent feature from Northern Woodlands Magazine:

    “….art is born out of life and life is a mystery, an ongoing transformation.“
    -Antonio Lopez Garcia
    Spanish painter 1936-

    Joseph Salerno records the passage of time with a palpable devotion. His multiple series of paintings are entitled “Woods Edge”; they depict seasonal and diurnal changes at the margin of the woods in an often haunting manner. The four pieces shown here are a tiny selection from hundreds that Salerno has painted over the years of the woods near his Johnson, VT home. The oil studies are most powerful when seen together as they form an ongoing meditation on the shifting character of familiar woodlands.

    Salerno’s work is a record of his experience outdoors and his commitment to direct observation. But his work is the antithesis of illustration. It is not showing us what the woods look like- but rather what the woods feel like in the time space continuum. How do these small paintings transmit the silence and gravity of the forest so well? One gets the feeling from each piece that the day is in the process of getting darker or lighter, and that every moment is dramatically different than the next.

    Compositionally, the majority of paintings in the “Woods Edge” series have two foreground tree trunks. These strong vertical elements form a doorway- a liminal passage- to the dark forest beyond. At times the invitation to pass through the portal is inviting, and at other times- a dare. The opposites of light and dark, abstraction and realism, foreground and background are provocative.
    What lies beyond?

    Joseph Salerno works out of his studio in Johnson Vermont and is on the Arts faculty at Northern Vermont University. An exhibition of his work will be at Alex’s Gallery, in Waterbury VT from February 26-April 11,2019.

    He is represented by Furchgott-Sourdiffe Gallery in Shelburne, VT, Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts in Brattleboro, VT and the Ober Gallery in Kent CT.

    He may be reached through his website: Josephsalernostudio.com

    Adelaide Tyrol

    Outdoor Palette
    Spring 2019

  • posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

    posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

    Please join us for the opening reception of new paintings by Johnson, Vermont based artist Joseph Salerno. FOREST RECOLLECTION, a group of fifty paintings created over the past three years, allow a viewer to behold a subtle yet profound rumination on landscape and how the act of looking and creation weave and bob over time. Haunting, resonant Vermont forests, drenched in mist or glowing with ethereal light, wind an elegant trail through the gallery. Each piece adds a soft, unique voice to the observation of natural landscape, allowing a viewer to pull close to intricate details in an individual work while also regarding the series from a wider lens, absorbing landscape as a growing collection of facets and subtleties.

    FOREST RECOLLECTION is an exhibition that wanders into memory with paint used as both a cloak and a window. Moving through these works calls to painting's ability to live on the edges of abstraction and representation, like watching a film set to slow motion or paused for a moment in soft focus. The resounding feeling is one of landscape as a place that relates to the outside world yet also exists in the depths of our most essential thoughts. Landscape painting becomes recalled space, a bridge between its place in the world and the place it lives in our minds. A reception for FOREST RECOLLECTION will be held Saturday, September 15 from 3pm-6pm with an artist talk at 4pm. The exhibition will be on view through October 28.

    Ben Finer
    Aidron Duckworth Art Museum
    21 Bean Rd.
    Meriden, NH

  • posted on Sunday, May 20th, 2018

    posted on Sunday, May 20th, 2018

    Woods Edge 2.3.18 has been selected by juror John Yau for inclusion in the 2018 Summer Juried Exhibition at
    Blue Mountain Gallery
    530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

    July 10 - 28, 2018

    Reception: Thursday, July 12, 5:00 - 8:00pm


  • posted on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

     posted on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

    Upcoming Exhibition:

    Woods Edge 11.18.16 has been selected by juror Betty Cunningham for inclusion in the
    2018 Juried Exhibition at
    Blue Mountain Gallery
    530 West 25th St
    New York, NY

    January 2 - 27, 2018
    Reception: Thursday January 4, 5 - 8pm

  • posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017

    posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017

    Current Exhibition:

    Woods Edge 11.18.15 has been selected by juror John Stromberg, director of the Hood Museum of Art, for inclusion in
    ArtsConnect at Catamount Arts
    Catamount Arts Center
    St Johnsbury, VT

    December 2, 2017 - February 16, 2018

  • posted on Thursday, June 8th, 2017

     posted on Thursday, June 8th, 2017

    Recent Exhibition:

    Connection: The Art of Coming Together
    Vermont Arts Council Spotlight Gallery, Montpelier, VT

  • posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017

    posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017
  • posted on Monday, May 29th, 2017

    posted on Monday, May 29th, 2017

    Woods Edge 10.13.16 has been selected by juror Kyle Staver for exhibition in the 2017 Bowery Gallery National Competition.

    August 1-19, 2017
    Reception 5-8pm, Thursday August 3

    Bowery Gallery
    530 West 25th St, 4th Floor,
    New York, NY 10001

  • posted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

    posted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

    Woods Edge has been selected by juror Stuart Shils for inclusion in the Ninth National Juried Exhibition at

    Prince Street Gallery
    530 West 25th Street, 4th floor
    New York, NY 10001

    The Opening Reception will be Saturday, July 15, 2017 from 3 - 6pm. The exhibition runs from Tuesday, July 11 through July 29. On Friday, July 14 at 6 pm, Stuart Shils will be giving a gallery talk.

  • Recent Exhibition

    Recent Exhibition

    Woods Edge

    Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery
    86 Falls Road, Shelburne, Vermont
    April 14 - May 23, 2017

    There will be an Artist Talk and Reception on Thursday, May 11 at 4:30pm.

  • Recent Exhibition

    Recent Exhibition

    Woods Edge
    Vermont Studio Center Red Mill Gallery
    80 Pearl Street
    Johnson, Vermont

    February 26 - March 19, 2017
    Opening Reception: Wednesday March 1, 5 - 7:30pm

  • Recent Exhibition:

    Being Present
    Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery
    Shelburne, VT
    July 15 – September 13, 2016

  • posted on Wednesday, January 6th

    posted on Wednesday, January 6th

    Recent Exhibition

    Dark Woods
    Vermont Studio Center Gallery II
    80 Pearl Street
    Johnson, VT
    January 16 -February 6, 2016
    OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, Jan 21, 4-8pm

    Review: SevenDays

  • Recent Exhibiton:

    Woods Edge 11.5.14 has been selected as part of:

    Strange Paradise
    2015 National Juried Exhibition
    juried and curated by Steven Harvey
    First Street Gallery
    526 W 26th Street, New York, NY
    June 25 - July 18, 2015
    Opening reception: June 27, 3-5pm


    Back to Nature
    (with Karen Henderson, Jill Madden and Gowri Savoor)
    Vermont Metro Gallery
    at the BCA Center
    135 Church Street
    Burlington, VT
    April 10 - June 21, 2015

    Celebrate the beauty of the Vermont landscape through a collection of work that reinterprets our connection with place over time. By using a particular place as inspiration each artist is unveiling nature's ever changing beauty through the focused and repetitive study. Through this exploration we can witness the changing landscape and the artist’s changing point of view. Featuring work by Karen Henderson, Jill Madden, Joe Salerno, and Gowri Savoor.

    Review: Seven Days


    Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery
    Shelburne, VT
    November 22, 2014 - January 30, 2015

    Julie Heller East
    465 Commercial Street
    Provincetown, MA
    August 1 - 14, 2014
    Opening reception: Friday, August 1, 7 - 9pm

  • Hawthorne 2.16.12 was selected for inclusion in:

    2014 National Juried Exhibition
    Jed Perl, juror
    First Street Gallery
    526 W 26th Street, New York, NY
    June 26 - July 19, 2014
    Opening reception: June 28, 3-5pm

    Summer Selections
    Ober Gallery
    Kent, CT

  • Stormy Weather
    The S.P.A.C.E Gallery
    Burlington, VT
    March 1-30, 2013
    Reception: Friday, March 1, 5-9pm
    First Friday Art Walk

    new paintings by Joseph Salerno

    Julian Scott Memorial Gallery
    Dibden Center for the Arts
    Johnson State College
    Johnson, VT

    Review: ArtseenVT

    January 16 - February 16, 2013
    Artist Talk and Reception: Thursday, January 31 at 3pm

    “When Things Fall Apart, the book by spiritual teacher Pema Chodron reflects the moment when a turning point, crisis, or challenge opens a person to a new way of thinking. A moment when we stop seeing things for what we think they are and starts seeing them slower, as they unfold in the present moment without judgment as they are.

    Joseph Salerno’s new work investigates the landscape in brief moments as they unfold one panel at a time. These paintings are about getting to the point and stopping when it’s done. The moment of stopping emerges when the paint seems to lift into planes and layers of color. Each multi-panel painting becomes many things at once: a personal experience, a gesture, a moment, a landscape. And while everything changes in the course of observing the land day after day, hour after hour, moment after moment, one element endures: ridgeline. The title of this new body of work, “Ridgeline” becomes the heartbeat of these paintings pulling them together thematically just at the point where the sky meets the land.”

    Leila Bandar
    Director, Julian Scott Memorial Gallery

  • 25th Annual Art at the Coach Barn
    Shelburne Farms, VT
    Oct 18 - November 4, 2012

    In Our Nature
    Erickson Fine Art at Comfort Farm
    Stowe, VT
    September 14 - October 14, 2012

    Outside Art: Plein Air+
    Oxbow Gallery
    Northampton, MA
    August 2 - September 2, 2012